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Comic 1096 – “Actually Failing”


Errol: I don’t know when we had this conversation. We may have had it earlier in the day. Or on the Saturday. Who knows. But we had all sorts of conversations, that we did. It was a nice bonding time for me. ^_^

Brian: They were both completely, totally exhausted the next day. Debs tried to blame it on Errol’s snoring. Now we know the real cause…

5 Responses to Comic 1096 – “Actually Failing”

    • I did too. Unfortunately I was in a diner at the time waiting for the waitress to see me. Maybe that’s why she came over..

  1. Thanks Debs and Errol. I am bookmarking this for a downer day down the road, of which there will be plenty. You certainly know how to inspire us 🙂