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Comic 1101 – “Breakfast Club”

E: And we’re back to chronicling our OVFF gig! Huzzah! Did we meet Kristi and Logan and the whole Layman family? Yes we did. I was crazy excited to meet them! ^_^ There was more hugging than pictured here.

Once again, thanks to all of you for helping out with comics. Did I mention I got the NaNoToons done? I’m so happy. ^_^

4 Responses to Comic 1101 – “Breakfast Club”

  1. Yay I’m in a comic. Azia’s expression is acurate for Most of the time she does smile sometimes :P. Also the boys are actally almost as tall as Debs but compared to the rest of us layman’s their heights are accurate except for mom who is slightly taller than debs.

  2. Is it weird that it makes me sad that the day I debut in the comic, there is no mouseover? Or maybe I should look at it like the comic is just too epic, with all the people in it, to have a mouseover.