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Brought to you by…

To our friends, family and fans who have sponsored us, thank you so much for your support! We have raised $1690 (minus paypal fees) so far that will go toward all-important and mixing, mastering costs, with some left over for distribution too!

This page will constantly be updated as we get more sponsors, and have more time to make the page more snazzy.[1]

Utter Oliphantine Champions of Double Awesome

Quadruple Flamingo-Berry Rainbow Warriors

Majestic Viking Narwhals

Outside the Box!

  • Jane Garthson and Phil Mills

Sparkling Umbrellas

  • Alina Isaac
  • Anonymous
  • Billy Sea
  • Clay Campbell
  • John Argentiero
  • Joseph Kesselman 
  • Heidi Nielsen
  • Matt Pierce
  • Michael Gutierrez-May
  • Morva Bowman & Alan Pollard
  • Natalia Lopez-Woodside
  • Nelson Yu
  • Randy Lake

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