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Album Reviews

Our album, Songs in the Key of Geek, has had a few reviews around the web! Come read what they’ve had to say!

Wired – Geek Dad

“The geekiest artists I’ve come across in a long, long time.”

Who doesn’t know and Geek Dad? Other than my wife and my sister and other non-geeks I know. But Curtis Silver agreed to do a review of our CD and I was super excited and wrote a comic about it and everything. It was very exciting!

Geeky Pleasures

“Rather splendid and caused me to laugh, a lot.”

Look! Look, We’re Featured Independent Artist for the month of May for Geeky Pleasures! Huzzah! Check out the review! I first met Julia Sherred on Google Plus! She was geeky, she had all these cool websites, and she talked to me! All sorts of awesome. I actually can’t keep up with all the stuff she has, but I try and tune in to her radio show, The Look 24/7!

The Darling Dork

Clipped from: DarlingDork (share this clip)

“Listening to their music makes me feel as though I am riding on a unicorn while eating delicious cupcakes.”

The Darling Dork is a website focusing on all sorts of geek culture, and they cover music! Huzzah! I don’t know how many more geek blogs cover music, I certainly can’t find them, but these guys do, and they’re super awesome and friendly! Plus, they have one of my most favourite quotes of our album yet!


“It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the album.”

Huzzah! More geek blogs! This was another one that my seestair found and Chad Walker does a great review of the album… although admittedly I’m partial to anyone that can appreciate my Walkthrough song. He does a LOT of reviews of geek music so it’s totally awesome that he likes ours. 😀

The Really Good Pot Roast Blog

Clipped from: RGP (share this clip)

“really fun, well produced, and rife with great pop- and geek-culture lyrics.”

I know these guys from, and they did a review of our CD! When I first saw the album cover for The Really Good Pot Roast, I was sold. Why? Just look at it. Click that link! LOOK! And although I didn’t play a lot of Oregon Trail, I was well aware of it. Their Album Title is even in our Double Rainbow/More than That song. Anyway, check out the nice things they say about our album!

Tropical Yeti

“Debs & Errol know their audience, and relate to their fans in a way that makes it feel like they could be your best friends.”

I found Tropical yeti on WeAreTheMusicMakers Subreddit and he was looking for musicians to review. I sent him our stuff and forgot about it until he posted another request for more bands. And Wow! There were a lot of great quotes in this article! And the great thing, I love the honesty of the review. I personally like that he doesn’t want to hear me rap again. *LAUGH* Yes… that’s true for a lot of people. It won’t stop me, because the mocking must continue!

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