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Until CTRL+ALT+DUETS is released!

The EP will go live at 12:00PM (Eastern) on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013! Sometime before then, this URL will roll over to the EP’s Bandcamp page and you will be able to pre-order!   We’ll keep updating this page until then because we’re excited/obsessive like that. If you’d like some background on how this EP came to be, a good place to start is our Indiegogo campaign page.

What’s going on NOOOOOOOOW?!?!?!! (last updated Sunday October 13th, 6:02am eastern)

  • DONE!!!! SO TIRED!.
  • For Funders: In case you missed our Indiegogo update yesterday, the most important bit of news is keep an eye on your inbox. We’ll still be sending the EP to you at some point before the 15th, but we’re not quite sure when that will be aside from “ASAP”. 🙂

CTRL+ALT+DUETS Listening Party!

We’re holding a listening party on Tuesday, October 15th at 8:00pm eastern! We’ll be listening to the EP all together and then answering whatever questions you have! To join us, all you need is this link,, which will actually go somewhere as we get closer. Now it’s all 404’d.

Can I help???

Yes, you absolutely can and here’s how!

  • Thunderclap Campaign – This platform helps us send Tweet, or FB post ALL AT ONCE! One large cry into the ethernet that our EP has been released! And we need you to help us do that! Please, join us to spread the word!
  • We have a brand new street team called D’ELITE FORCE! These amazing folks are currently helping us put together a database of blogs and other sites that are geek-oriented and do album reviews and band interviews. This will help us get music into the hands of the people we know will love it. Want to join up? Email us at and we’ll send you all the details (there are codenames)!

I want MOAR!!!!

  • Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,  YouTube and ReverbNation because we post things there!
  • We also have an awesome and epic mailing list which you can sign up for up near the top right corner!

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