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Comic 908 – “”

Comic 908 – “”

Errol: April 1st, I got this email. We apply for grants all the time with the full expectation of not getting any grant. It’s just what you do. When I received this email, I had to read the last line over four or five times because I was POSITIVE that there was a ‘NOT’ in there before the ‘Approved’ and I just couldn’t see it.

FACTOR.CA is the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings. You have no idea how freaking pumped we are that someone deemed us worthy enough to fund us for a song.

Heck, it being April 1st, I thought it was a April Fools Joke. But given the length of the contract we have to accept, probably not. ^_^


Yes, can we get those tomorrow? Remember? Our Anniversary is tomorrow! ^_^ Continue