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Upcoming CD

Our CD is finished and we will have it in our hands the first week of April.  Huzzah!

We are so excited and can’t wait to share it with you!  In the mean time, you can still help us fund it. 🙂

One Response to Upcoming CD

  1. Script for 300th comic:

    (Debs and Errol are dressed like ancient Greek soldiers)

    E: In honor of our 300th comic, we salute the 300!

    D: But instead of a graphic novel, we give you a comic strip.

    E: I’m ready if you are (drawing sword from sheath)

    D: Uh no..put that thing away.

    E: (raising sword) This is SPARTA!

    D: outta here…

    Man in Sparta Gear: Happy 300th

    E; (sword lowered) thanks..

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