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Name Our CD! [Done]

Errol: That’s right. We’re having troubles naming this CD. So, if you have any ideas, please comment below! You can comment as many times as you want. The CD Title has to fill two criteria:

1) Debs has to like it

2) Errol has to like it

That’s pretty much it. In the end, we may come up with a CD Title we like on our own, but I’m not holding our breath!

And the winner? They get a free CD! Huzzah!



These are the songs that will be on the CD, but this is not the order. If you want to give us ideas on track order, that’s good too! 😀

  1. Double Rainbow (Cover)
  2. That’s What I Want In A Girl (written with Jeffrey Rankine)
  3. I Wish Totoro Was My Neighbour (written with Robyn Mackenzie)
  4. Narwhal Pet (written with Erin Morgan)
  5. Walkthrough (written with Pifie)
  6. Gaming With You
  7. My Pachelbel Song
  8. BSG
  9. Beastmaster’s Cry (written with D.J. Sylvis)
  10. Geek Love Song
  11. Cuz He’s a Geek Guy (written with Debbie Ohi)
  12. AT-ATs in the Snow (written with Michael Skliar)
  13. Vomit Exclusively (written with The Cow Exchange)
  14. Timmy The Combat Wombat


22 Responses to Name Our CD! [Done]

  1. Debs and Errol Make an Album
    Debs and Errol Geektacular
    Debs and Errol Geeks on Parade
    Debs and Errol Couldn’t figure out what to call this album
    Debs and Errol OMFWTFBBQ!!!1!!
    Debs and Errol Epic Win
    Debs and Errol Awesomesauce
    Debs and Errol Meme

  2. Debs & Errol vs. the Majestic Viking Narwhal!

    One, Two, Three, Pho


  3. “Wishes and Cries”
    “Under the Rainbow”
    “Gamers in Love (With Other People)”
    “Narwhal Trumps Wombat”
    “Snow On The Stars”
    “Han Shot First!”
    “Fantastic Fanatics of Filk”
    or the tried and true: “Geek Songs”

    Can’t help with the order, since I’ve only ever heard three of these songs, I think. Titles are easier to think of when you know the lyrics. Just look for patterns of sameness across multiple songs – alliteration, names, themes, locations, shows, characters, words or phrases.

    Like: “Wishes, Wants and Wombats”

  4. I found out about you through NaNoWriMo and I love your tunes and toons.

    As for an album titles, maybe
    Geeks Unite
    Planet of the Nerds
    That’s No Moon
    Exclusively Geeks

    Best of luck.

  5. i actually think “Geek Love Songs” is perfect (though it makes me think of Greek love songs as well to be honest) and i really liked “One, Two Three, Pho” though i think it’s incredibly niche (and does pho actually appear on the CD at all (i mean in the music on the CD)?

    But as for my original suggestions:

    “” (clever, eh? eh?)

    “What you mean us, Toronto?” (okay that’s a bit niche as well) oh! oh! how about “Toronto’s Expanding Headband”

    Okay that’s it, time to get serious. How about:

    “Geeks Bearing Gifts”

    hey, that one’s better than i at first thought! I think i’ll leave it there and go out on a high… 🙂

  6. I notice people suggested “Han shot first” above, but I’d make it a little more personal:

    Debs shot first
    (or Errol shot first if that makes more sense)

    Songs to smash rebels to.
    (preferably with testimonial from Gen. Maximilian Veers)

    The Debs and Errol cantina

    Live from Echo Base

    This isn’t Dagobah, its just my back yard.

  7. Looking at the track list, I’d go for “Combat Wombat”. It’s strange and eye/ear-catching, it rhymes, it has to do directly with the album, and you could do a great album cover based on it.

  8. Hmmm…

    There is of course just ‘Debs&Errol’.
    Debs vs Errol
    Debs&Errol vs the world
    Debs&Errol, Geeks to the Stars
    The sound of pho
    Geek Duet

  9. My Neighbors Debs and Errol
    Debs and Errol’s Delivery Service
    The Secret World of Debs and Errol
    The Debs and Errol Return
    Whisper of the Debs and Errol
    Debs and Errol’s Moving Castle
    Castle in the Debs and Errol

    …Han Shot First

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