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Business Cards and Other News

Debs: Errol picked up our business cards today – just in time for our show this weekend! He designed them while I looked over his virtual shoulder and insisted that he try my 5000 suggestions. I bet that’s the last time you work on stuff in the shared dropbox, right Errol?

Errol: I work straight off of dropbox and I forgot with every update, she gets notified. Now, my APM for saving documents rivals a Korean playing starcraft, so she is getting inundated with these notices. While I am in mid design and moving the logo around, she says… well, here is the chat log:

Debs: my name’s sitting on your head 😀
😀 it’s so nice when you already have all the pieces to put it together
Errol: your name…
Debs: i’ll brb, mr errol
Errol: wait a minute

I felt violated.

Debs: Look how cool they look! He was going to order 100 but I insisted on 250. Why? We can drop them into fishbowls at restaurants and win free food!

In other news, I just finished the first song I’ve written since February! It was inspired by something devastating I learned about Errol…something so awful that I could only express it through music. We’ll be performing it at this Sunday’s show and it will also go on our upcoming CD.

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