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Comic 11 – “Ninja Star”

Comic #11: Ninja Star

Debs: Now Errol is going to claim that the punch was my idea. I assure you, it was not. To prove it, I’m pasting our entire Gmail Chat conversation in. Aside from 2-3 typos that I fixed, this is completely unedited.

From May 9th:

Errol: I have this week’s comic in DP! Do you have an idea what you want to do for the weekend comic?
Debs: i want to be a ninja
Errol: … a ninja
Debs: hawadahhhhh!
Errol: how the heck does that relate to anything? although, this would make a good comic too
Debs: charlie[7] said i was a ninja. i want to be a ninja.
Errol: you’re not even japanese
Debs: i’ll draw the one where i sail through the air. look, isn’t it great 😀 woohoo, we just wrote the script. oh!
Errol: and in the end, you punch me?
Debs: can donatello be in it?

Errol: Ya, ok, see, now that’s not fair. It wasn’t an IDEA, it was me referencing what Charlie was saying! He was talking about my animations on youtube! In the end, Maggie (the girl) punchies Manny, (the zombie).[8] That’s how they end.

And then you wrote the final script, and here it is. YOU made it final!

May 14-15

E: Debs, do you have an idea for the weekend comic yet?
D: I want to be a ninja!

E: A ninja? How does that even relate to anything?
D: It’s the weekend comic – who says it has to relate to anything?

E: You’re not even Japanese…
D: Donatello isn’t Japanese. I want a star thing too. Hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

E: A star thing? Donatello has a BO STAFF!
D: I know that – quit complaining.

(5-6 – Debs draws it)

D: Oh, wait! Let’s make it about Rebecca Black.
E (distraught): but i had a good comeback to how awful that last drawing was!

(8- Debs punches Errol)

So it was totally, totally your idea in the end.

Debs: I still wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t suggested it first.

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