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Comic 20 – “And It Begins”

Errol: If you want to know what is true and what is not, “Errol, you need to focus” is a common phrase that I hear from Debs.

Debs: Yeah that’s true, but that’s mostly because you have 500 ideas a day and we can’t follow through on all of them!

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9 Responses to Comic 20 – “And It Begins”

  1. Man, I read this, and I think “Talking tigers! Just like in Captain Marvel!” Then I get down to the comments section and Deej has beaten me to it. Drat.

  2. Errol, I want to know if you could draw an albino and a transvestite? Doesn’t have to be in the comic (although it would be cool) but I am curious what you would come up with for drawings.

    • *laugh* You should start your own comic, Michael! I don’t know if I could draw that!

      I’m very lazy in my comics… because I have to spit them out every day… so there is a lot of cutting and pasting.