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Comic 24b – “Penthelia Duet”

Errol: I went to an amazing concert with the Penthelia Singers. They had a special guest, Mitchell Pady, and they sang about 2 hours of music. In one set, four of the singers share a duet, and Debs and Susan Sergeant sang together.

For one brief moment, Debs looked in my direction and it took all of my will to not make a face at her as she was singing this lovely duet. Will of steel, man. Will. Of. STEEL.

So the comic is not true, I did NOT make a face at Debs. Well, I did at the beginning of the concert. She didn’t react AT ALL. *sigh*

Oh, and I was completely wrong on Sue’s look. I thought she was blonde and blue eyed. She’s not. She’s reddish brown with dark eyes. I was staring at her the whole time thinking to myself, “How the heck did I get that wrong?” She was probably thinking I was a creepers. Oh well. Wouldn’t be the first time.

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