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Comic 4 – “Song List”

Errol: Yes, Debs was a bit concerned about the song choices. She wasn’t all that convinced they would go over well with the audience. The only songs she liked were ones I didn’t write. THAT is how much confidence she had in me. Good thing I have a high self esteem… 😀

Debs: That’s not true, Errol. I like your songs – I was just nervous because you kept talking about being booed!

Errol: I think I only mentioned it once! I’m surprised you allow yourself to be seen in public with me!

2 Responses to Comic 4 – “Song List”

  1. You ask yourself, “Why am I making a comic??”

    And I ask myself, “Why do I keep reading it????”

    Debs is really cute for tolerating you….