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Comic 5 – “Fruit Salad”

MS Paint for the Win!

Debs: This is my first comic EVER, I’m so excited! I’ve been complaining to Errol all week [1] – he keeps making me angry in these…I’m not angry, Errol![2] I made him interrupt the story arc so I could take my revenge, ha HA! [3] Do let us know if you’d like to see more Debs art-cameos.[4] MS Paint will never go out of style![5] Classy.

20 Responses to Comic 5 – “Fruit Salad”

  1. hahaha, you’re right debs, errol is putting you in the ninja warrior cooler female role he perfected in the manny kung fu series, I hadn’t thought of that.

    Fight the power, debs!

    • Wait a minute… She WROTE this comic! I didn’t put her in the role! Kinda… Maybe just a little…

  2. Revenge aside, Debs, tell Errol that interrupting the story arc each Sunday is quite OK. The Phantom has been doing it for decades….

  3. Regarding your footnotes – OF COURSE you need to do two spaces after a period! Rules are rules!!

  4. I love these comics! You guys rock. Really hope to attend a live performance. Do you guys have a notification/mailing list? May I be on it? If you create one, can I be the FIRST one on it oh pleaseohpleaseohplease? That way I can say that I’m you’re Number One fan. 🙂

  5. Double spaces after a period is no longer a rule???? Who changed that rule? The twitter people? What has the world come to when it no longer mandates double space after a period?? I am aghast.

    • Good grief, this is from wikipedia: “With the introduction of proportional fonts in computers, double sentence spacing became obsolete, according to many experts.”

      And if you don’t believe wikipedia, which, I don’t blame you, you can find numerous articles on it. 😀

  6. By the way, why no new comic today? Space space. I was looking forward to a new one with more Debs artistry.

  7. “double spacing is obsolete” according to whom? I should do a protest walk, “Take back the double spacing”.

    • And every time you finish a sentence you would have to take two steps before starting another one 😀