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Comic 5 – “Fruit Salad”

MS Paint for the Win!

Debs: This is my first comic EVER, I’m so excited! I’ve been complaining to Errol all week [1] – he keeps making me angry in these…I’m not angry, Errol![2] I made him interrupt the story arc so I could take my revenge, ha HA! [3] Do let us know if you’d like to see more Debs art-cameos.[4] MS Paint will never go out of style![5] Classy.

20 Responses to Comic 5 – “Fruit Salad”

  1. hahaha, you’re right debs, errol is putting you in the ninja warrior cooler female role he perfected in the manny kung fu series, I hadn’t thought of that.

    Fight the power, debs!

  2. Revenge aside, Debs, tell Errol that interrupting the story arc each Sunday is quite OK. The Phantom has been doing it for decades….

  3. Regarding your footnotes – OF COURSE you need to do two spaces after a period! Rules are rules!!

  4. I love these comics! You guys rock. Really hope to attend a live performance. Do you guys have a notification/mailing list? May I be on it? If you create one, can I be the FIRST one on it oh pleaseohpleaseohplease? That way I can say that I’m you’re Number One fan. 🙂

  5. Double spaces after a period is no longer a rule???? Who changed that rule? The twitter people? What has the world come to when it no longer mandates double space after a period?? I am aghast.

    • Good grief, this is from wikipedia: “With the introduction of proportional fonts in computers, double sentence spacing became obsolete, according to many experts.”

      And if you don’t believe wikipedia, which, I don’t blame you, you can find numerous articles on it. 😀

  6. By the way, why no new comic today? Space space. I was looking forward to a new one with more Debs artistry.

  7. “double spacing is obsolete” according to whom? I should do a protest walk, “Take back the double spacing”.

    • And every time you finish a sentence you would have to take two steps before starting another one 😀