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Comic 8 – “Commitment”

Errol: Remember those times when you were young and unwanted? Or old and unwanted? Or just unwanted? Well, Debs doesn’t, but I have first hand knowledge! It’s a darn good thing I didn’t have facebook in high school. Someone would have probably put a restraining order on me…

7 Responses to Comic 8 – “Commitment”

    • Errol: Tis true Charlie! And in our act, I had to play a single person because one of the songs I sang was “That’s What I Want In A Girl” and I didn’t want to be some married guy looking around for girls. 😀

      However, I don’t remove my ring. So one person did ask, “Hey, aren’t you married?” And I said I was, and they responded, “SO THE ACT WAS A LIE??”

      Not all of it, just some of it. ;D

      But I do have a story arc of me stalking Keren and being totally obsessed with her, and THAT is very, very true. 😀 (And hopefully will feature in a video coming soon)

      • *laugh* You guys are hilarious. Trust me, playing an unwanted geek is not that hard. I was girlfriendless for many, many, many years. I can tap into a bottomless well of resources as the ignored and unattractive nerd who can’t get a date.

        It IS all honest spontanteity. I just imagine myself as 20 years younger. 😀

  1. That’s nice. At least you wear your ring even when you’re pretending to be single. Trae never wears his. He says it makes his finger “itchy”. Is that one of those lame men excuses?