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Comic 9 – “Band 2.0”

Errol: Once I started getting the ball rolling, I couldn’t stop myself. And before Debs had a chance to protest, I had us signed up for every social media site I could think of. Can you believe that no one has “Debsanderrol” as a userid or url? How awesome is that?

Debs: It’s true. We had practiced 3 days in a row and if we’d gotten together that night it would have been 5 straight days of rehearsals for me (counting choir practice), so I begged off. And in the space of about an hour, Errol had dome a website and signed us up for everything and I was going “huh, what?! I don’t even know what some of this is!”

Errol: I don’t recall us practicing 3 days in a row. I remember us practicing for 2 days…

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