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Comic 41 – “Fan Wars”

Errol: I had this conversation with a friend of mine, Greg Cook. He told me that I didn’t have a chance if there was a competition. Thanks, Greg Cook, thanks. However, I can’t be too mad at him. He’s the only one of my friends that actually comes to my shows! Everyone else that comes are Debs fans… 😀

Debs: That’s not true AT ALL and you’ll see that tomorrow at your Birthday Bash!

Errol: They’re coming for the free food! 😀

6 Responses to Comic 41 – “Fan Wars”

  1. First I laughed. Then I realized that all my friends I met because I was friends with Debs. Then I cried, then Maggie laughed. She’s such a little trooper.

  2. Errol I love your cartoons. I got a great laugh to see you put yourself in the last nanotoon! Made my day. Keep up the good work and the great voice. (I love Gilbert and Sullivan.)