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Comic 48 – “Aretha”

Errol: Now before you stalkers start checking out Facebook, don’t bother. I already did and it’s not there. I had to get her number by more nefarious means.

Debs: Yeah, by asking me for my number. Very nefarious, Errol. So the Aretha concert was awesome, but being in line for that long before standing room only was hard on the feet! She didn’t sing Respect, or Chain of Fools which I was kind of sad about.

11 Responses to Comic 48 – “Aretha”

  1. See, even Debs spells “yeah” like “yeah” instead of “ya”. There are two spaces after that sentence….

    • What do you mean, “See”. I didn’t realize we were having an argument on how to spell “ya”! Crazy seestair…. 😀

  2. Of course we’re arguing. I argue about everything because I’m so “angry.” 🙂

  3. No, when you do a comic of me “angry”, I look like a crazed, rabid squirrel…. so how come I haven’t been included in the comic?

  4. You should do a comic where you have legs, or moving around on skateboards or skates or bikes! I have no clue how Errol and Debs gets around, this could cause a psychological impact for the rest of my LIFE! OH THE HORROR! (Sorry, just trying my hand at over-acting in a comment) :o)