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Comic 49 – “Mmmm… meat”

Errol: If you’re thinking to yourself that this is the fourth comic on Pho, you would be right. But don’t worry, it’s the last. Pho is worth four comics. 😀

9 Responses to Comic 49 – “Mmmm… meat”

  1. Now that Debs has made me think about it, she’s right – that flower switches sides *all* the time!

  2. That there is a SmartFlower TM, a high tech gizmo thing, what else would you expect from a geek duo? It also does satnav by lighting up whichever petal is pointing in the direction you need to go …

  3. I liken Debs to an ethereal fairy. She’s small, magical, and always disappears when I try to talk to her on gmail chat…

  4. There are not two flowers! I kind of wish there could be now but I got the one I usually wear in Israel and just bought the one. The flower is just an attention hog with feet. And maybe there’s a perpetual fan blowing on one side of my head?

    Errol, once the CD recording is done may we please go out for pho?