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Comic 50 – “The Rulers”

Errol: I’m tired. Maybe Debs will say something. 😀 I didn’t get a chance to do all of them Sunday and schedule like I usually do. Hopefully I don’t miss a day. At least it’s not about pho.

Debs: I’m afraid not getting them done on Sunday was my fault. I’m still just thinking about pho.

Errol: Uh oh. Is the 2nd panel grammatically incorrect? I went to bed as soon as I posted the comic, but this morning… I think I’m once again too fatigued to see what’s wrong with it.

EDIT: Okeydoke. Fixed!

9 Responses to Comic 50 – “The Rulers”

  1. An historic meeting, illustrated for posterity!

    I like this, we’re like Charlie Brown’s parents off-screen. Wah-wah-wah.