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Recording is Done!

Errol: This past weekend is a milestone because our recording is done! Huzzah! We finished the recording for our upcoming CD and now it’s all up to Erik Didriksen, a fellow fawmer, who is mixing it for us! YAY ERIK!

We did all sorts of fun stuff and took all sorts of videos, but in the end, we have this small 5 minute video of us talking about finishing the recording. All was good. 😀

I was going to write a song about us being done, but that seemed a bit much.

11 Responses to Recording is Done!

  1. Errol is not manic since he’s so predictable – pho and green tea ice cream. It would never be anything else.

    All I keep thinking is “Poor Debs…”

    • Poor Debs?

      What about POOR ME? And I like more than Pho and green tea ice cream! I like all sorts of things.

      “Poor Debs” indeed.

      All I ever get from Debs is negativity.


      Debs: “No.”

      Errol: “Awwww….”

  2. Watched this with Rosanna and she managed to press the pause button and was mightily pleased with herself… 😀

    And I haven’t gotten any newsletter so far, although I subscribed (I think I did…)