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Comic 79 – “Comic Tag”

Errol: As I’ve mentioned before, I harass Debs on gmail chat a lot. The reason you don’t see her visible is because she’s trying to hide from me. I did come up with this idea to tag any of our gchat with the [COMIC] tag so that I could search for it later.

It worked great!

Until today, when I tried to actually SEARCH for it. Google ignores special characters like ‘[‘. Darn it. So I spent most of the night going through the chats pulling out the things I tagged. I’m using &COMIC tag from now on.

A couple of landmarks today. It’s the start of a new story arc. Huzzah! AND I will now label my comics as 2011. For some reason, all the comic’s filenames were 2009. I don’t know why I did that. Maybe it’s because I’ve been wanting to do a band with Debs for a long time and I was only able to trick Debs into it with an accomplice. (Thanks Deej)


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