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Comic 80 – “Unbusy”

Errol: Actually, this doesn’t happen that often because she’s doesn’t ever seem to be online. I think she knows when I’m online, and then goes off before I can get online. That must be it.

Debs: I would want to go for Pho! Not Korean BBQ!

Errol: But Korean BBQ is all you can eat meat! See, it’s funny, because you’re vegetarian.

Debs: I’ve gone to Korean BBQ with you before though!

Errol: No, the funny point is that as someone who is trying to be your close friend, I should try and entice you with things YOU like. Not I like. See? The cluelessness of my character is amusing. Right?

Aw… forget it.


3 Responses to Comic 80 – “Unbusy”

  1. I know this is dumb, but when I first heard about someone being vegetarian.
    I thought that their skin would turn green from all the vegetables they ate!
    Then I met Debs and found that indeed I was wrong. Of course I haven’t really seen her for awhile now. :o)