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Comic 84 – “Just Friends”

Errol: We do get this question sometimes. Even before Debs & Errol existed, since we’ve performed other stuff. They don’t even ask, they just assume. Poor Debs.

Debs: WHAT?!?! You wouldn’t let me draw this weekend for this?! This is an AWFUL!! Adam Ward totally deserves a better first comic. You should draw him all freaky in Paint like you drew me.

Errol: This is not an awful. This is an awesome! We should ask Adam Ward! It’s a great first comic!


4 Responses to Comic 84 – “Just Friends”

  1. I don’t know what this was, but it was the most horribly unfunny thing I’ve ever seen. In-joke? Let’s hope so.

    • The most horribly unfunny thing you’ve ever seen???

      Gosh, didn’t you read the other ones? I’m sure some of them would be worse. 😀