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Comic 85 – “Probed”


Debs: So before poor Adam Ward gets completely confused, we never had this conversation. This is pretty much word for word my chat with Danny Santos this morning, while Errol was being probed. We used Adam in the comic since all his expressions were done 🙂 I hadn’t heard of this dental probing thing before Errol mentioned it but it sounds AWFUL. If you aren’t familiar with it, do yourself a favour and don’t look it up. Argh. You’re totally going to go look it up now, aren’t you?

4 Responses to Comic 85 – “Probed”

  1. Hey, I just had that done too! And I paid alot of money for it….

    The probing isn’t so bad. It’s all the other stuff they do that makes it painful.

    • Thanks for catching it 🙂 That was me not thinking. Don’t tell my grammar teacher 😀