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Comic 90 – “Portent”

Errol: If you remember a ways back when we were recording this, there was a double rainbow in the sky. Debs freaked out… as she is wont to do.  The last line is pretty much true except for that ‘portent’ word. I had to look that up.

Oh, and sorry this comic was late. We were up last night practicing for the concert on Sunday. I was playing the guitar. I don’t normally play the guitar, but I’m going to try. My fingers hurt a lot today.

Debs: Nooooooo! You covered up the Skydome, Errol.  How could you?  My skyline was accurate.   ACCURATE!

4 Responses to Comic 90 – “Portent”

  1. “I don’t normally play the guitar” Sure glad your not normal!
    Can’t wait to hear the outcome! Heck, Errol you catch on so fast to things.
    You’ll be playin guitar while horseback riding in no time at all :o)

    • Oh no, I’m awful at strumming. Debs was laughing at how much I sucked at strumming and singing at the same time. I should practice… but my fingers hurt. 😀

      • Yeah, I was laughing a bit. It was cute. You just have to compartmentalize, Errol, like on the piano, and think of them as two different independent things.
        What Errol is not mentioning is that he tried playing flute for the first time last night and totally rocked it. It took me days and days to get a good sound and he managed it in about 5 seconds.

  2. Yeah, he’s talented like that. It’s disgusting. And he has a perfect complexion too….

    I’m just glad that there are all these people who call him cute. I love bugging him about that. 🙂