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[Cover] Aluminum Parachute

Errol: Cover time! We promised our “Majestic Viking Narwhals” (those who donated $50 to our CD project) that we would perform a cover of their choice on YouTube.

This song is written by Mark Berry, whom Debs met through Nanowrimo. He has companion songs for all his novels, and I sang one of them too. The song he wanted us to cover was one he wrote called Aluminum Parachute.

When I first heard the song, I thought to myself, “Oh crums, we can’t play the guitar like that.” I then looked at the chords and then thought, “OOooh! I can play those chords!” I started picking something on the guitar. Sadly, I couldn’t seem to get the same consistent notes each time, but oh well.

Anyway, with those notes, I sang the song, and it strayed a bit from the original melody. My ability to pick and sing is limited. Since Debs sounds much prettier, I then asked her to sing it. She also decided flute would go well too!

In the end, we had this song. And we only did it in TWO takes. I did, however, practice that guitar for almost two hours to get that right. Remember, I’m not a guitar player. That was hard. 😀

Sorry that our voices are soft. We had the mics, but it didn’t pick up the voice at all, so I went with the original sound from the flipcam.

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