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Category Archives: Songs

D&E Hiatus Day 20: Sorta Santa Saturday

D&E Hiatus Day 20: Sorta Santa Saturday

Debs and Errol are taking their annual monthlong trip to Discworld.  So I thought I would share this video about the local holiday celebration with you. See Discworld is a little different than Earth. They don’t celebrate Christmas there, but that doesn’t mean that they forget about the Hogfather coming during Hogswatch! Just ask Terry… Continue

D&E Hiatus Day 19: Fallout Friday

Debs & Errol have been drafted into the Elf Brigade and are busy making toys up near the North Pole, they are expected to be released from service soon.  So, I thought I might share this cover of a FAWM song about Fallout 3. Enjoy! Continue

D&E Hiatus Day 17: Wheatley Wednesday

Debs and Errol have taken December to deal with a rather nasty weasel infestation, discovered recently when looking into some borrows.  So I’m taking this opportunity to share with you a song originally requested by Manda, written by Errol and Performed by Debs.  In the game Portal 2, you play as the character Chell who establishes a relationship with the… Continue

D&E Hiatus Day 13: Song writing Saturday

Debs and Errol are still trying to detangle Errol’s yarn stash and it will probably take the whole month. So I am sharing this give year old FAWM video. (February Album Writing Month or FAWM is an annual songwriting challenge. The challenge is to compose 14 original songs in the 28 days of February.) Continue

D&E Hiatus Day 11: Too Too Many Thursday

Debs and Errol are away for December attending the month long Pangalactic Peace Prize award ceremony, after being nominated for that time when a freak wormhole opened up in the fabric of the space-time continuum and carried Debs’ words “Stop it!!!” far far back in time across almost infinite reaches of space to a distant Galaxy where strange and… Continue

D&E Hiatus Day 9: Two for Tuesday

As Debs and Errol are spending much of December in negotiations with the Canadian Space Agency regarding a possible manned mission to Mars, I thought I would share with you two videos they made, both for the same song.  I’d never watched both of them together until now, but it’s neat see how different the two performances are. Here… Continue