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REQUEST – Draw a Panel for our 100th Comic!


Since I put the comic numbers on all our comics, you may have noticed that the 100th comic is LOOOOOMING!

We are currently on 86, only 14 until 100!

This is where you come in.

We want you to draw a panel of the 100th comic. The theme would be “A Day In The Life” [41]

Pretty please? We don’t care if you can’t draw! You can even put yourself in it![42]

That would be so great if you guys can draw for us! If, for some reason, we get an influx of submissions, we will choose the top 6, or 8, or extend it. Whatever. 😀

Friday 19th. Monday 22nd! That gives me a few days to sort and compile the panels into one!

A Day In The Life Of Debs & Errol. No running story line, so draw whatever! Any style accepted.[43] Please include how you’d like to be attributed in the credits. Furthermore, for legal aspects, this will be a Creative Commons work of art. Attribution, Share-Alike, non-commercial.

Thanks so much!

8 Responses to REQUEST – Draw a Panel for our 100th Comic!

  1. How you’d like to be SEEN in the credits? o.O

    And is there a script for this, or are you adding the speech bubbles in after you receive all the art?

  2. So, can I do something on paint? And if I do, I’M going to be in it!!! Though, this would mean you’ll just erase me out of it…. this is going to be an ongoing battle between you and me!! Kind of like Tetris….

  3. Excellent, an excuse to draw something… I needed one of those. Now if only I can think of something worthwhile to draw. :p

  4. except… you haven’t mentioned how to get it to you (which would explain the small number of entries?)

  5. beh, I have cleverly found your email address from when we communicated about something on facebook, it’s sent to Errol.