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Comic 142 – “Tongue Tied”

Errol: Believe it or not, we are getting better at the arguing. I mean, we don’t do it as much. Or maybe we’re just tired. I still don’t trust her at mixing. 😀


10 Responses to Comic 142 – “Tongue Tied”

  1. I’m the first geek to point on the spelling mistake!! Yeah! I think you meant “clearly” on Debs first bubble.

      • Durn it, there’s no copy made of the original misspelled comic! Don’t worry, my attempt to find it has saved the latest version on For All Posterior, I mean Posterity:

        “The Wayback Machine hasn’t archived a capture for that URL.
        Here’s a capture taken 0 minutes ago from the live web that will become part of the permanent archive in the next few months.”

        Okay, so it’ll never be as famous as the Beatles Butcher Cover, but still I wanted to see it.