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Comic 137 – “Mark”

Errol: Mark and I have been playing together for almost 8 years. He’s played guitar on a number of my songs. One day, I will have him play at a Debs & Errol gig. I just have to trick him somehow.

3 Responses to Comic 137 – “Mark”

  1. With his attitude, you’re gonna have to buy him a paper bag to put over his head. And that’s okay, guitarists don’t read music anyway!

    I know, put the bag over his head and tell him it’s just a studio gig with a few extra “fans” hanging out, and just ignore their cheers and boos! (Of course there will be boos, Halloween is coming up)

    • *laugh* Well, I hope to dress him up in a Stormtrooper costume. 😀 There’s a reason he’s ornery, he’s had to deal with me for the last 8 years!