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Comic 138 – “Inclusion”

Errol: So, my sister wrote this in yesterday’s comic comments:

“Seriously? Everybody gets a cartoon personality except me? SERIOUSLY??!!!”

I knew she would. So I had this comic prepared for today.

8 Responses to Comic 138 – “Inclusion”

  1. 1. Yes, the mouseovers are interesting. Sometimes they’re the funniest part.

    2. Yes, I’m predictable. Admit it! If I hadn’t commented in my melodramatic way, how disappointed would you have been?

    3. I hate you.

    • 1. Nice underhanded way of insulting my comic.

      2. Oh, like you could have stopped yourself from reacting? 😀

      3. I know. Read the comic. 😀

  2. dammit, now i gotta go back iand read the mouseovers. they’re often the best part of xkcd. It occurs to me i read a lot of geek comics. are there any non-geek comics?