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Comic 139 – “Cold”

Errol: Debs is sick. Debs made me sick, I think. We wrote a song parody for my seestair, but we can’t sing it because Debs is sick. And now me. Ugh. Exciting news, I got something in the mail. We will be posting it on the vidz soon.

Debs: This comic came out a lot grosser than I thought it would.  Maybe we should have thought this through 😛 I’m sorry I maybe made you sick, Errol.  I did warn you  🙁

7 Responses to Comic 139 – “Cold”

  1. 1. I’m sick too. I’m not sure how it spread from Toronto to Calgary.

    2. Not only am I feeling miserable because I’m sick, but also I’m so sad that you wrote a song for me and you’re too sick to sing it. 🙁

  2. It’s the unrelenting pressure of the daily internet comix. You’re both exposed to viruses all the time! Bacteria are better, you can use antibiosis.

    (Slime moulds are more fun tho’. I want slime moulds too! They don’t need to be Ganymedian either.)