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Comic 176 – “Loud”


Debs: I know I say this every time, but man did this comic take a long time.  So this is still a NaNoToons crossover and we’re still at the overnight.  Errol really was running around the room for hours screaming his head off for absolutely no reason.  We were in the loud room, but still!  This is Drew, who is in charge, along with Victoria.  I copy-pasted him in from the NaNoToons.  Errol drew Drew.  Heh.

I’m doing all the comics this week because Errol’s on another round of being super busy.  I have plans for Tuesday and Wednesday but I might ask y’all for some ideas if I run out 🙂

Errol: What? Any resemblance between real life Drew and Nanotoon Andrew is purely coincidental. Purely.

2 Responses to Comic 176 – “Loud”

  1. WAIT! Is Errol related to Flying Spaghetti Monster?! Cuz I’m sure arms and legs don’t bend like that… nor do I think he can fly.

    Or have you just broken every limb in his body? It’s one or the other I suppose…