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Comic 175 – “Fridge Dating”


Errol: Apparently, this happened, and Gauri will be happy to know that she is finally in the comic. Leezet won’t. Anyway, they have a fridge schedule and I just went and updated it because it was kind of bare. When Debs came home, Gauri and James P Sheridan drilled her for date details. All sorts of awesome.

Anyway, I think we had other plans for this weekend comic, but I don’t know where Debs is. That’s why she didn’t draw it. She’s probably out dating again. 😀

13 Responses to Comic 175 – “Fridge Dating”

    • Why always poor debs?? I do the work! 🙂

      And Debs can leave whenever she wishes (although I think she’s reaching her tipping point for tolerance). YOU on the other hand are family. You have no choice!!! BWAHAHA !

      • 1. G’ah! He’s killing me, Lizette!

        2. Yeah, seriously. He’s been doing this to you your whole life! How did you make it to adulthood?

        3. Oh man. That just gave me an amazingly evil idea 😀

  1. I don’t know what’s funnier, the comic or Errol’s caption for it XD Love your comic and your NaNoToons! Happy noveling 😀

    • Huzzah! Thanks Katrina! 😀 I actually forgot what my caption was, in fact, sometimes I forget what the comic is.

      That’s because Nano is makes my brain go squirrely… 😀

      • Haha I know the feeling. I’ve felt that way for the last week and a half since I’m behind on my word count, but I refuse to lose o_o

        Yay over-ambition!!