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Belfort Release Party at S&L!

Debs: On Friday, Errol and I went to Snakes & Lattes! Errol spends a ton of time here but I don’t go there nearly as much he does so this was a treat. We went because some friends of his, Sen and Jay were releasing their new boardgame, Belfort. Here is the trailer that Errol made for them!

For those on Board Game Geek, here is the game’s page.

The board. So pretty.
Sen teaching the game.

Belfort is a strategy game that you win by having the highest point total at the end of 7 rounds.  Points are awarded after the 3rd, 5th and 7th rounds and you can get points in two different ways.   The first way has to do with the number of buildings you have in a given district (there are 5 districts and you can build in any of them).  If you have the most buildings, you get 5 points, the person with the second most gets 3 points, etc.  The other to get points is by having high numbers of workers (dwarves or elves), which you place to get resources or other benefits that help you build the buildings, or gnomes, which allow you to do a bunch of special things like make super elves.  The buildings also allow you to do cool and helpful things. There are also guilds that you can place workers allow you to get or steal things.

Our pal Debbie Ohi is less than impressed by her score. Being laughed at by Josh, the artist. Hehe!

After we were given the basic rundown (I wonder how many times Belfort was explained that night), I jumped into a game with 4 others. Errol didn’t play because he had played while in beta and didn’t want to take up a spot.

Jay teaching the game. The guy in the Artoo shirt next to Errol is Jason. I haven’t seen him since we lined up for Star Wars! Crazy!

That first game was peppered with a lot of “Jaaaaaaaay? We have a question” moments. Definitely a perk of having the designers there. We picked it up pretty quickly, and I’ve got to say that the game is quite awesome. It took maybe 2 hours to play all the way through and after we were done all I wanted to do was play again. So we did.

The second game with Sen, Errol and new friend Carel.

Being taught the game by the designers was pretty special. Playing with one was special too. Guess who won… 😉
Errol: (That would be Sen.)

Group shot with designers Sen Foong-Lim and Jay Cormier, artist Josh Cappel and Ben and Aurélia (who own/run S&L).

Thanks for hosting, S&L! Sen, Jay & Josh, congratulations on an amazing game!

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