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Tag Archives: friends

Debs & Errol: Around the Web 3

Geeky Pleasures Errol: Look! Look, We’re Featured Independent Artist for the month of May for Geeky Pleasures! Huzzah! Check out the review! I first met Julia Sherred on Google Plus! She was geeky, she had all these cool websites, and she talked to me! All sorts of awesome. I actually can’t keep up with all… Continue

Belfort Release Party at S&L!

Debs: On Friday, Errol and I went to Snakes & Lattes! Errol spends a ton of time here but I don’t go there nearly as much he does so this was a treat. We went because some friends of his, Sen and Jay were releasing their new boardgame, Belfort. Here is the trailer that Errol… Continue