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Comic 178 – “Throngs”

Errol: Yes, Debs said that yesterday’s comic was the last overnight comic. However, when she told me Joseph said this, I just had to put it in so that you all don’t think I’m making it up! However, I think the joke has worn thin and Debs is not all too pleased I keep teasing her about it. So no more jokes about her fan club. At least not for a few comics.

And do you know what’s hard? I can’t figure out if this is a Nanotoon crossover or not. Because we DID go to the all nighter, but we didn’t sing. And this DID happen. So… ugh. LINES OF REALITY ARE BLURRING. I don’t know what to tag anything anymore.

3 Responses to Comic 178 – “Throngs”

  1. lol. wearing a poutine shirt would be crass. I’d wear a driving / car shirt though. Maybe the stig?