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Comic 179 – “Emo”

Ooo look, I remembered the alternate text this time!

Debs: I can’t believe there’s no comic with this title already.   This happened while we were shooting the Gaga vid yesterday.

Errol: That’s THREE spaces after the period! THREE! Good grief, Debs.

15 Responses to Comic 179 – “Emo”

  1. Well, i have been catching up on my reading, and going through the whole back catalogue of debs and errol comics, and weirdly enough, i found myself googling Phở after it was mentioned yet again in number 124, very interesting. But lo and behold, i turned the page to number 125 and Debs is googling Phở too! yay! great minds think alike. ^_^

    By the way, as a vegetarian, i have to ask, what are the options for vegetarian Phở? I have never tried Phở but i’d like to, but i’m a vegetarian. Next thing i have to do is find somewhere in Scotland’s lovely capital where they serve Phở…

    Sorry for talking about Phở today when the comic has nothing to do with Phở, it’s just that most of the old comics don’t accept comments. Most frustrating, in some cases, though i fully understand why. On that subject, the basic arithmetic for the comments seems to be geting harder, i had to think for fully five seconds about today’s one!

    • Calum! You must never, never NEVER apologize for talking about Phở, okay? All comics and comments lead to Phở. It is the WAY.

      I won’t touch meat Phở – I can’t even remember the last time I ate beef but it was probably nearly a decade ago. Vegetarian Phở is definitely harder to find – there have been times when we’ve been surrounded by Phở places and can’t find a veggie option anywhere. We stick to the restaurants we’ve found – one around Errol’s place where you can order it with vegetables, tofu or both (that’s where I first tried it), and one around my school where it’s loaded full of tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers…

      The thing to make sure of though is that it isn’t the normal beef base, but a vegetarian one – that can be a little deceptive because it still might say vegetarian on the menu. Tricksy, they can be.

      Errol says he turned off the comments on the older comments to protect against spam – should be okay now!

      • thanks for all the info! Yes, i know what you mean. It’s vegetable soup (secretly made with chicken stock) all over again. I might be able to get some packet phở in one of our local Asian supermarkets actually, if such a thing exists.

        re: the old comments being turned off, well, he’s probably right to do so. Too much spam is bad for anybody (even a non-vegetarian like Errol!)

      • Hmm….I think you’d have the same problem with the packaged – meat would probably be snuck in there. But…but…in my humble opinion a restaurant for your first experience is the way to go. I have no idea how to make it at home, but even if it came in a package, I don’t think it would be as good.

  2. Oh my gosh, Debs, you are AWESOME!!!! SO AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!! You’ve got such an EXCELLENT voice. And that’s a hilarious video!!!

    (Yeah, Errol, you’re ok too.)

      • Yay!!! Thanks Lizette! It was a really really hard song to sing! Errol SWORE at me on gmail chat, Lizette! SWORE at me! It was so. Weird.

      • 1. song
        Yes, that’s an extremely hard song to sing. Lady Gaga. Musical prodigy!! And you totally nailed it!!!!!!!!

        2. swearing
        He was swearing about what? In a good way or bad way?
        Though, considering I’m his insufferable sister, I’ve been difficult enough that he has sworn at me in a bad way before. 🙂

  3. Calum is vegetarian too? Hurrah! I too am in the “never had pho” brigade… See what we like? We like food 🙂 You should have called this cartoon “pho” instead…

    • There’s something appealing about calling a cartoon “Phở” when it’s one of the (minority of) Debs and Errol cartoons to not actually mention phở.

      Anyway, i was rending my spleen about the likely nonavailability of phở in Edinburgh yesterday while walking to my mate Nyk’s house, and as i turned the corner onto his block, lo and behold, a tiny Vietnamese restaurant! A quick check of the menu reveals… Vegetarian phở!

      Unfortunately it was too late in the evening for phở, so i’m still a phở virgin, but not for long. I’ll be going back there, fo’ sho!

      • I just cheered out loud! Yay Calum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
        And Sapient, I can’t believe we didn’t take you for phở when you were here 😀