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[Parody] – “TIE After TIE”

Debs:  Continuing with the YouTube covers for those who have helped fund our CD, here is one for Errol’s  sister, Lizette.   She lives out west but I met her when she visited, yay!

She wanted us to cover Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” so we geekified it.  We recorded it weeks ago but it took Errol forever….FOREVER…to edit the vid.  I’m half convinced that he did it on purpose to tease Lizette.   There were tons and tons and tons of outtakes when we recorded it because Errol kept messing up the lyrics.  I’m sad that they didn’t make it into this video, so I’m hoping we can eventually post another one just of the outtakes because they are really funny.  Sorry, Errol.  I’m giving you more work.  Maybe you should teach me how to do some of this stuff!

We have a confession to make on this one – we had to redo the vocals after the fact because they were clipping.  Which is weird because we always check the mic levels.  * Sigh * All that work.  😀 

We totally love it though.  We wrote the lyrics together in-person, which is pretty rare – because we write online over G-Chat, and we’ve already performed it.  We hope you all like it, especially you, Lizette!



Tie after Tie
Flying in my x-wing as the chrono ticks to certain doom

Enemies encircle me
Confusion is nothing new

Plans were … Stolen … from deep inside
Trench run… they come… Tie after (tie) …

Asteroids, surrounding me

I may be in above my head
3720 to 1
I can’t hear what you said

We weave and dodge
We must evade
Let’s land inside that cave

You can run you can hide but they will find you
Tie After Tie
If you falter  they’ll blast you – they’ll be waiting
Tie after Tie

Over the forest moon, the final battle rages on

Han will have those shields down,  what is taking him so long?

Armed and Ready Death Star attacks
We learn that it’s a trap


I can’t shake him
What should I do?
And now I’ve lost R2


5 Responses to [Parody] – “TIE After TIE”

  1. That was so nice I re-tweeted it with hashtags and everything! And yeah, I did see a portion where Errol’s mouthing looked out of sync with the sound of his singing, it must have been the redoing of the vocals.

  2. That’s awesome. “…we just lost R2” It just doesn’t get any funnier than that. Or the body motions in time to the music evading ties. That’s so excellent. I actually got teary-eyed!!!!

    I WANT TO SEE OUTTAKES!!!!!!!!!!!