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Caption Fun – We’re Almost to 200 Comics!

Errol: Allooo! That’s right, we are coming up to 200 comics, and we want to make you guys do some work again! Huzzah! All you have to do is take one of the two (or both of them) and fill in some dialogue! Or, if you want, draw it yourself, we aren’t really too worried what you do. Then, on comic 200, we will post em all (well, we may veto some!)! How fun is that!

Due Date: December 16th, 2011

Here are the templates for you. You can click on them and then download them!


Remember to put your name in where it says “by”. You can also put in a title if you want.

Debs: I can make templates of my comics too if anyone wants!  Except they won’t have mouths (you’ll need paint) or speech bubbles.  ‘Cuz that’s how I roll.

6 Responses to Caption Fun – We’re Almost to 200 Comics!

  1. One comic submitted- I would have liked to have done something of better quality, but I only have paint, and my art skills ain’t that great. I had considered D&E Fleeing across Hoth with an AT-AT chasing them…

      • Yay! You know, I only had MS paint too for a long while and I still do most of the art in there 😀 Don’t let it stop you!

      • That’s not exactly it… What really stops me from doing much is the fact that I’ve got a really critical eye, and my hands aren’t up to the standard my eyes demand… Besides, if I wanted a better program, I’ve heard of a couple of free programs that are used to great effect on my usual forums (Inkscape for example) I just don’t have the time to learn vector graphics before next year really…

      • I tried inkscape, not too bad, but now that I am kinda used to Illustrator, I don’t know if I could go back. 😀 I do most of my drawings in Flash, however, even though I don’t do animations that much!