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Comic 186 – “Fan Stalking”

Errol: I’m serious, she immediately iplookuped MP and tried to find out who he was. She’s obsessed with stats. She’s on our FB page and looks at all the demographics daily.

8 Responses to Comic 186 – “Fan Stalking”

  1. I’ve actually stopped using facebook for over a year and a half now- I decided it was using too much of my time that I preferred to spend on other things.

    (I do still have an account, I just don’t use it)

    Have fun Debs.

  2. Also, if you think this is a setup Debs, try googling me (I’m in a few places on the first page).

  3. You know what’s kind of funny? Even I googled mercenary pen. This website is turning into some weird cult….

    • You know, I’ve always thought that search engines should give you the option to winnow out results based on particular criteria- for example: “mercenary pen” avoidsite:

      • You can..type in google :

        Mercenary Pen -debsanderrol

        The advanced search link gives you more options

  4. well can’t you just use boolean operators to screen out results containing terms such as “debs” and “errol”?

    By the way, i think the alt/mouseover text for this comic might be my favourite one so far. 🙂