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Comic 186 – “Fan Stalking”

Errol: I’m serious, she immediately iplookuped MP and tried to find out who he was. She’s obsessed with stats. She’s on our FB page and looks at all the demographics daily.

8 Responses to Comic 186 – “Fan Stalking”

  1. I’ve actually stopped using facebook for over a year and a half now- I decided it was using too much of my time that I preferred to spend on other things.

    (I do still have an account, I just don’t use it)

    Have fun Debs.

  2. Also, if you think this is a setup Debs, try googling me (I’m in a few places on the first page).

  3. You know what’s kind of funny? Even I googled mercenary pen. This website is turning into some weird cult….

    • You know, I’ve always thought that search engines should give you the option to winnow out results based on particular criteria- for example: “mercenary pen” avoidsite:

  4. well can’t you just use boolean operators to screen out results containing terms such as “debs” and “errol”?

    By the way, i think the alt/mouseover text for this comic might be my favourite one so far. 🙂