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Comic 185 – “Seduce”

Errol: We are just becoming our comic caricatures. This conversation happened…

Debs: Yeah, it did.  Except Errol was laughing and I kept interjecting “wait, am I a walking comic now?”

8 Responses to Comic 185 – “Seduce”

  1. Gonna take more than that Debs. Sorry, I just prefer the cleaner lines of Errol’s comics, and paint isn’t giving you those.

  2. Ermm, yes, I also prefer Errol comics, I too like the cleanliness of his lines.

    So…when does the seduction process start?


  3. Well, I think Debs’ are cute! The comic conversations are always funny, and I think using Paint lets you play off the situations really well since you have more freedom with character positioning, facial expressions, &c.

    Not that I’m saying I don’t like your style, though, Errol!!

  4. Personally, I find that people are actually discussing this amusing. 😀

    If anything, it certainly has given me more ideas for the comic!

  5. Just like my politically correct, over-empathic five year old says to me: “I like them both the same!”

    • Regardless of who draws the comic, they are always fun and good for a laugh..

      +1 to Errol for his “Manga” style

      +1 to Debs for her “Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man” style