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Comic 191 – “Mean”

Errol: Debs is upset at how comic Debs can be so mean to comic Errol. She’s not mean, she just gets frustrated with comic Errol at times. I mean, RL Debs gets frustrated with RL Errol. In fact, most RL people get frustrated with RL Errol. You should ask her about the time I sent her 20 texts and crashed her phone. Wait, that should be a comic too…

4 Responses to Comic 191 – “Mean”

  1. Debs isn’t mean. She is the classic straightman in the two man comedy bit. She is supposed to be frustrated with Errol’s tactics. You can’t mess with the classics Debs! Even the fridge agrees. The Fridge doesn’t lie!

  2. I do think it’s a pity that comic Debs gets so frustrated the whole time, but on the plus side, i like to think real Debs has it a lot better than comic Debs, so it all works out well in the end.

    I think all your readers know comic Debs and Errol aren’t real Debs and Errol… really…