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Comic 192 – “Indulge Me”

Errol: My sister and I had this conversation when I was on vacation. Funny thing, a lot of conversations I have with Debs is on chat, and yet I have us in person in the comics. Yet here, I had this conversation in person, but it’s on texting.

13 Responses to Comic 192 – “Indulge Me”

  1. You don’t even have a cell phone anymore!!!!!

    Who got you that iKlip? Huh? Come on!!! I want to be in the comic!!!!

    • Lizette! He never told me he got you that. He just came home going “look what I got!” Errol, look how well your sister understands you. She deserves to be in the comic for real.

  2. I like this Lizette character. There should be an “Adventures of Leezet” minicomic running in tiny panels along the bottom of the main comic.

  3. I think I like Lizette better this way. She has an air of mystery about her (though its involuntary). Almost like Charlie from Charlie’s Angels. You never see him but he is always heard. It’s the same with Lizette.

  4. I think Errol is going to have a whole host of comments over how many people said “I like Lizette…”

    Though Charlie is cool….

  5. Of course, speaking from experience of just being name-checked, being in the comic may not be the best thing to hope for *wink*

    It makes you vulnerable to all sorts of shenanigans on the part of the artist (starting with leaving in the first panel of the strip, or a whole host of virtual practical jokes)…