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Comic 215 – “The FUNS!”


Errol: When people have fun, I get really excited. It’s like, I’m so shocked that people actually enjoy spending time with me I get all giddy and go overboard with my enthusiasm. And then I start to make all sorts of other plans of other things and then… well… that kinda reminds me of Bill Murray when he tries to hard in Groundhog Day to win the heart of Andy McDowell. Well, no, not really, my enthusiasm is real, not forced. But that just popped into my head at that time so I decided to go with it. Even if it doesn’t fit. Oh well.

Do you think Manda should do video reviews with me? I do too. Please, tell her on her FB page.

EDIT: Oh, and thanks to Mercenary Pen’s comments, I want to upload this! 😀

3 Responses to Comic 215 – “The FUNS!”

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