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Comic 221 – “Sanctuary”

Errol: I should make a comic character with every person I collaborate with. And then put them all in a comic. Bwa hahahaha! 😀 *sigh* I wish I had more time.

14 Responses to Comic 221 – “Sanctuary”

  1. Wow, Errol now has the entire (group? gang? posse? hide-from-Errol club?) running and hiding from him! Odd that they are taking the “we can’t see you so you can’t see us” approach, but for this situation it might just work.

      • Yes, it’s me! been waiting for an absurdly funny comic to appear. This one, it makes the cut. I should really comment more on these though.
        Did you *just* change the site theme?

      • It looks good! Much more green!

        All the comics are funny, it’s just I like to watch until things get really out of control funny.

        Strangely, I think what they are doing would actually work on you.

  2. I feel like you’re just trying to find an easier way to draw these things now…also I think the three of us would have some very interesting conversations…

    • I can just imagine those conversations. It would be cool if you guys just got on chat, and then we could just script that. 😀

  3. Hey Errol, why are all your friends either on the floor or in the closet? 😀

    And with all this drama going on we’re NEVER gonna get to hear about Debs’ dating life, are we?

    And what a neat pea-green menu bar!

    • Wait, who’s in the closet? 😀

      And you WANT to hear about Debs’ dating life? I think it involves mostly kissing and baby talk about wuv. I don’t want to hear about that!

  4. Okay Errol, if you’re trying for a record number of people hiding from you- then perhaps changing scene/ point of view with each new frame may help (and if you’re feeling really ambitious, things to hide behind, like furniture)

  5. Hey! Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I *could* be in current comics because then I would still *not* be in the comic, so to speak.