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Comic 222 – “Headhunting”

Errol: Sorry guys, my week has been crazy busy!

Funny thing, people have asked me to go to something a month in advance. (Actually, I ask if I can come). And then, the day before it happens, I get asked, “So, you still coming?”

And I ask, “What?”

Monday, my cousin (Memes), Debs and I take a Salsa class. Debs reminds me there is this seminar for posture to help you sing and I was going to go. It was happening Tuesday.

Oh crums. I was going to go to a movie with Manda and Memes on Tuesday. We were going to see that Tattoo movie (no, not a Fantasy Island Remake).

Not wanting to bail out on a free workshop, I reschedule my movie going ways to Thursdays. (Not Wednesday because I have band practice).

I then talk to Daeja the next day, who asks if I’m still interested in going to the William Gibson talk that she had an extra ticket for. Of course I am!

And of course, that was happening on Thursday. I still went to the movie. I got home at 2am.


Good grief. So this is the reason the comic has been late every day. I hope to go back to our regular scheduled programming by next week.

Oh, btw, that’s Dan Charrington in the comic and his website is It’s not that I was so lazy for comic character creation that I just put him in a mask.

Although… that IS a good idea.

14 Responses to Comic 222 – “Headhunting”

  1. You do realize you now have to do a series of comics with masked people in them? Debs & Errol as… superheroes? with superheroes? Or just… you know… crazy people…. 😉

  2. Oddly enough, I do most of my editing in a ninja mask. That’s why nobody knows who I am!

    I find it scary how well you nailed my “character” too. Are you stalking me?

  3. Ninja.
    Must have.

    By the way, Error, out of boredom today I drew a comic. Looks really awful, though… XDD