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Comic 223 – “Flumes”

Errol: Huzzah! Debs does a comic! 😀

Debs: Right.  So here’s what happened.  I’m a little weird with paint fumes.  After the repairman left claiming that I shouldn’t smell anything, my head went completely ridiculous.  Instead of getting work done all I could do was giggle about MANLY TEA.  And then I decided to draw a comic except I didn’t have the attention span to do layers so this happened.  Errol, I don’t know why you put in my signature again, when it’s clearly written in pink in the 9th panel.  Also, Happy Salad Day from Otta-wa-wa!

40 Responses to Comic 223 – “Flumes”

  1. Well, that’s rather surreal (for want of a better word).

    Of course people peg you as the crazy one Errol, you cover up Debs’ craziness too well.

      • Perhaps cover up is the wrong way of saying it, but I’d say your comics tend to bring out the full extent of your own craziness better than they bring out Debs’ craziness (mostly because Debs’ default emotion in your strips is being irritated by your craziness).

      • Me? Straight (wo)man?
        Is Mercenary Pen being serious or ironic? It’s hard to tell because he’s British….

      • @ Leezet: (there was no reply button on your comment) Semi-serious, but only as far as straight person by comparison with Errol- which I think you can manage.

        But then again I’m not one to talk because Errol could probably do straight man by comparison with me…

    • I’m afraid I have no recording equipment on my end for podcasting, and I can’t afford an international airfare to Canada anytime soon.

      Otherwise, I’d be willing to give it a go- if only to see whether it worked or not.

      • Hey, a new theme – Let’s find a way to hear Mercenary Pen live! (We Canadians all have UK-accent-envy. Though that’s a misnomer since Mercenary doesn’t think he has the accent; WE’RE the ones with the accent… unless we’re all singing…. but that’s another story)

      • * Laughs * Yeah, we do have UK-accent-envy 🙂 I’m lucky because I get to hear one a lot. Hey Mercenary, can I stalk you next time I’m there?

      • Any particular UK accents you’re envious of- just so I can tell you I don’t have the accent in question (because I probably don’t)…

      • @Mercenary (no reply button on your comment. Grr…)
        It really doesn’t matter. British, Scottish, Irish-ish, they’re all really attractive. >:3

      • I think the original UK-accent-envy comes from Monty Python, doesn’t it? So, in particular, it would have to be the English accent. I love it when they say, “Not as such….” I mean, what does that mean, really?

      • *laugh* You guys are funny.

        You do know that the podcast I do with JamesPSheridan allows for calling in. Over the telephone. 😀

        I should research it more!

  2. K, Ben. The first thing you have to do is somehow get your wall destroyed in a way that is not a person’s fault. Then, call you landlord and ask for painting 😀

  3. Regarding Accents:

    Personally, I want to learn a Filipino accent, and a Cantonese accent. Sadly, it’s mostly for comedic effect.

    I actually hear English accents all the time, funny that. One of my good friends from work was from Southampton. We used to hang out all the time. A wack of people at my church have English accents. A couple families from London, a few people from Darby.

    I’m desperately trying to learn how to distinguish them all. I’m failing though. 😀

    You know what accent I do like because I don’t hear it that often and when I do, it just strikes me? New Zealand.

    Anyway, the accent I still want to learn is Filipino because it makes me laugh. It’s sad I’m mocking my culture.