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Comic 229 – “Macbook”

Errol: Debs computer has been on the fritz for a long time. And Graeme fixed it. This is good for everyone. Now Debs can record music again! 😀

 Debs: Haha.  I love my zombie look in the 7th one 😀  It wasn’t entirely on the fritz but it was quite unfunctional because the monitor stopped working mid-last year  so the only way I could use it was to attach it to an external.  But then the cable I was using to attaching it went on the fritz too and made the external stupid colours and then I stopped using it because it just made me frustrated.   I had taken it to the Apple store last April but it wasn’t the cheap fix they thought it would be and $800 was really extreme for a computer that was already 4 years old.

Hooray for Graeme!  It was the LCD that had stopped working and he had a spare screen lying around.  He says my computer is now a “Frankenbook”  He is THE AWESOME.

15 Responses to Comic 229 – “Macbook”

    Tha’s too good to be true, check if you are dreaming, Debzzzzzzzzz! You too, Errol!

  2. Glad that you are all so happy with the fix. Sorry about the shark. I had one on order, but it didn’t arrive in time.